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The mission of Woodland Wonders is to provide care and treatment for injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife. The focus is on the rehabilitation of wild animals for the successful release to their natural habitat and education that will promote and enhance peaceful coexistence, respect, and preservation. Woodland Wonders' rehabilitators hold state and federal permits and endorse the professional standards of the Florida Rehabilitators Association, National Wildlife Rehabilitators Associations, and the International Wildlife Council.

What's New

Hurricane Irma Update

We were blessed and had no home or cage damage – a lot of limbs down, etc. and have been fortunate to have wonderful volunteers and work groups to help with the clean-up.  All of the educational and rehabbing animals were brought into our home and did just fine and are now back into their Read More

Woodland Wonders Outreach Programs

Woodland Wonders participates in numerous community programs, both annually and semi-annually— below are listed , not  limited to, some of these programs: Audubon Nature Fest Campfire programs Colt State Park Nature Festival Cornfusion Festival x 3 week-ends Highland Hammock Nature Festival Jeep Club Festival LE/AD Cardboard Boat Race Festival LE/AD Project Eagle Live Green Lakeland Read More

Christmas in June

Woodland Wonders was blessed to have the Lakeland Jeep Club sponsor us with the proceeds of their raffle. The raffle was a huge success and Lakeland Jeep Club donated a generous amount of money for the care of injured and orphaned wildlife. Thank you Lakeland Jeep Club!! Thank you to all of you donors, because Read More

Home for the Holidays

Sunday November 20 2016 an American Bald Eagle was released back to the skies. The eagle was one of FOUR eagles that were admitted to Woodland Wonders in a time span of 8 days in late October. Two were sickened with an unknown cause and one expired from it.(the other being the released one!) Two Read More

2016 Update

Hi! Where has the time gone? The year 2016 has flown by! We are fast approaching bird of prey season which is November through March and that is when Northern birds fly down South and get into fights, etc. Woodland Wonders urges you, the reader, to be on the look out for any injured birds Read More

End of 2015 Update

Woodland Wonders Update for End of 2015 Wow, where did the time go?! Seems as if just yesterday it was beginning 2015 and now we are halfway into January 2016. Thank you readers for all of your support of Woodland Wonders— some of you find injured and orphaned wildlife and bring into the the center— Read More

May –August Update:

Rain, rain go away, so wildlife has a dry place to stay. May and early June were busy with the usual baby songbirds, young birds of prey in problems and baby rabbits- July brought all of the torrential downpours and Woodland Wonders became very busy! After each bad storm, many birds of prey were found Read More

January 2015 Update

Happy New Year readers!   Thank you for taking the time and looking at the website. Many credos given to Steven Waters (my son) for the many hours invested in establishing Woodland Wonders’ website! A goal Woodland Wonders has for 2015 is to enlist more volunteers- Please call if interested! There are many things that can Read More © 2018 | Archives