His Legacy Lives On

Woodland Wonders was saddened to hear of the death of Ken Morrison, age 92 on March 4th. He was as  one  article in the Lakeland Ledger described him,”the giant of Audubon”—For 25 years, he was director of the Bok Tower(2nd director there)— he was also ,President Emeritus of the Audubon Society, and served on the boards of Florida Nature Conservancy and Defenders of Wildlife.  He also founded Ridge Audubon Society, Defenders of Crooked Lake, Green Horizon Land Trust and Florida Conservation Foundation. He was the leading founder of Tiger Creek Perserve, Kissimissee State Park and  other natural lands that many people today enjoy.   In addition, he wrote two published books on environmental issues.

We were personal friends with Ken and Helen his wife and I can only say every conversation we had with them was delightful.They were/are very intelligent on so many things and of course environmental issues were their passion. In my early years of rehab, it was Ken and Helen whom helped me with an owl and was present for my first owl release !! This release was in the Tiger Creek Preserve.

Ken Morrison left a legacy of children and family very active and supportive with environmental issues, a community that has beautiful natural lands to visit and an awareness of the environment and a lesson in being a good steward to the Earth. Ken, you will be missed and your legacy will live forever in the hearts of those who knew you, the young will learn of you and our precious wildlife will continue to have natural lands to live in and your spirit will be forever etched in the Earth’s land.

Ken Morrison’s celebration of Life will be held at 3Pm at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida on April 2, 2011.