November-March is the BIRD OF PREY season

Woodland Wonders has been busy in September with little squirrels and fawns being admitted- sadly, some have had injuries and have died and happily others are doing quite well and will be released. November -March is the BIRD OF PREY season with raptors migrating, mating, nesting and hatching young. Sometimes the northern birds and southern fight over territory rights- some birds of prey have been observed to be fighting even in the sky! If you find an injured bird of prey, you have to be very careful of the talons as they can severly damage your hand nerves and tendons. It is best to call Woodland Wonders 967-3298 – leave message or 838-1223 and leave message- both phones are checked very frequently for messages! If you find a baby bird of prey that is all fluffy looking, it is safe to use gloves and pick up and put in a safe quiet place and call Woodland Wonders or the other number. Please do not look at the baby and take lots of photos,etc. as this can lead to imprinting a baby and then they can not release sucessfully into the wild. The parent bird is unable to bring a baby back up to the nest. Sometimes a parent will attempt to protect and feed the baby on the ground, however, with dogs,etc. it becomes hard and the bird usually does not get fed properly. Woodland Wonders has had 20 years plus of raising baby raptors with many many sucessful releases!!