March, April, May, June, July 2013 wildlife updates:

The last few months have been busy for Woodland Wonders. We started off the New Year in Jan. with rehabbing eagles and then happily in the spring months they were recovered and we were able to release! We have also received several eagles, one of which was gunshot. Yes, you read correctly- someone shot an eagle, not once but twice- luckily the bird escaped lasting injury and was successfully released( featured in the Lakeland Ledger!) after a long period of rehab! ( wildlife officials are looking into shot raptors as state wide the count is on the rise- sad to comprehend, especially when so many of us do educational programs and think we have educated people about wildlife protection)Other injuries to other eagles we have gotten have been motor vehicle accidents and then we have also released several baby eagles! Hawks and owls have come in on a steady basis also and we have kept the flight cage well used!- THANK YOU to one and all involved in making this wonderful cage possible!

The last few months have been busy with songbirds coming in- highest count so far goes to baby bluejays and then mockingbirds. Something somewhat unusual this year, is that Woodland Wonders has received over a dozen baby cardinals- usually in a season we receive maybe one. Of course the best parent for any baby bird is the parent and we try to encourage that—- however, often nests have been cut down , dogs pick up the baby,etc. An unusual bird we received was a spoonbill;however , sadly it was so injured that it did not make it. Such a beautiful bird with the colors and such unique behaviors!

We of course dearly love receiving the little mammals and have a bottle feeding fawn at present, little opossums, rabbits and squirrels in rehab.

Woodland Wonders has also been busy with educational programs both in the Spring and summer! We have also added several new names to our list of faithful volunteers- Branden, Connie, Curt , Lynn , Frank, Tanner, and Tim and the twins———welcome and thanks for all you do! Thanks too„ to our summer volunteers who made vacation possible for us—(. We saw all of our grandchildren and of course they are the cutest ones in the world!!! ) Thank you, too for all you wonderful monetary donors who help make the program possible.

Woodland Wonders also wants to thank the Gleaner Group and the Scouts for their Eagle Projects—- we are blessed to have such wonderful love and support.

Woodland Wonders would like to remind everyone if you find injured or orphaned wildlife, to please call

967-3298, night or day- we check the phone by remote often when away- we have changed phone carriers so hopefully the service will be better!

If you are interested in volunteering, please call- Woodland Wonders always has work ! We are always grateful for any monetary or supply donations also. Thank you everyone for the support given to Woodland Wonders—- everyone is so appreciated!!