Wildlife Update Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May 2014

Wildlife Update for January, February, March, April and May 2014

January started off slow with admissions. February continued with the same trend. We were receiving injured adult birds of prey and mammals, however no babies.   Am happy to report the injured birds of prey have been released or will be soon. Injured mammals also were released with success.

With March, began the season of baby songbirds!  High count so far this season have been cardinals and blue jays. In mammals, the count goes to opossums. Homeowners are advised to leave baby birds alone if a mother is present—-however, it seems as if a lot of dogs have been finding babies and even after waiting for a mom to come back, the baby remains orphaned and thus an admission,

April was the month of baby or young birds of prey admissions!  We have quite a few baby owls, hawks we are feeding and anticipate successful releases for them all after they are conditioned for flight and hunting.

May,  we have named Eagle month!  Woodland Wonders has admitted 3 eagles since the 1st of May. Two are juveniles and one adult.  The adult one is a very lucky bird as he (vet thinks male) was tangled in some sort of fishing? Line and dangling from a tree.  It took a coordinated effort from the Lakeland Fire Dept., Lakeland Parks and Recreation, Polk County Animal Control, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the private home owner. Hats off to all these wonderful and caring people!   Woodland Wonders took the eagle immediately to Dr. Tom Schotman for a complete exam. If no internal complications occur from the dangling, this eagle should be a successful release!  Readers you can log on to the Lakeland Ledger and see the story and pics in section B! Hats off to Dr. Schotman also as he is the “man behind the scenes” and I feel is responsible for the successful releases of these eagles.  He and Woodland Wonders have been rehabbing eagles for over 20 years and guess estimate have handled over 200!   The juveniles are progressing well also.

Polk County is blessed to have a high count of eagles and nesting pairs.  Readers always be on the alert for any injured/orphaned ones and notify Woodland Wonders night or day at 863-967-3298. Another day number is 863-640-7484.   Whenever I am away, I check the phone by remote so leave a message. If you have any wildlife concern, please feel free to call and Woodland Wonders can guide you to proper authorities.

Feeding injured/orphan-ned wildlife requires time and $$ and at this time I want to say thanks for all the generous donors who have helped this year and the volunteers who have given hours of assistance. You know who you are and wildlife is blessed to have you!!