What’s New – June – Nov 2014

The above video was filmed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  Additional coverage of this release can be seen on the Lakeland Ledger website.

In May, an eagle was found dangling from a pine tree branch over a body of water – the bird had fishing line wrapped around the wing.  It took a coordinated effort by Lakeland Fire Dept., Lakeland Parks and Recreation, Polk County Animal Control, Florida Fish and Wildlife   Conservation Commission, the home owner, and Woodland Wonders to rescue this eagle. Woodland Wonders rushed the bird to Dr. Schotman who gave a complete physical, took X-rays and found that luckily no bones were fractured. Woodland Wonders had the bird in rehab for several weeks which included close observation, daily medications for the soreness in the muscles, feeding, and conditioning for flight again (we use a cage 100 feet by 20feet wide and 16 feet high).  When the bird was successfully released, all of the above organizations were present along with the home owner and their friends. The release was covered by the media with several TV stations (10, 8, 9)) carrying the news and the Ledger.

Woodland Wonders also rescued an eagle that had been hit by a car and with X-rays was found to have 2 pellets in the tail. The pellets did not cause the legs to be paralyzed (auto accident did) and unfortunately the eagle had to be euthanized.

Update for June, July, August, September, October and November 2014

The months have been busy for Woodland Wonders. A lot of bird of prey being admitted with injuries and quite a few baby mammals.  NOVEMBER-MARCH is BIRD OF PREY Season so please be on the watch for injured bird of prey (EAGLES<OWLS< HAWKS<OSPREY< SCREECH OWLS AND OTHERS) and/or baby ones. A lot of times the Northern birds fight the Southern birds and one or the other gets hurt.   A mother bird has no way of returning a baby back to the nest so if you spot one, please call Woodland Wonders.  We will evaluate the situation and sometimes it is possible to return (with tree climbers) the baby back to the nest! Or we can successfully raise the baby and release. Call numbers are : Woodland Wonders, 967-3298 day or night, Curt 640-7484, Lake Wales Vet(very experienced with all types of wildlife for over 20 years) 646-1451-please know all messages will be answered and when away phone messages checked very frequently.

Woodland Wonders has also been busy with community programs. For the months of Oct. and Nov, we did 6!  We are already booked for Jan. 11th for a program at Polk Nature Discovery Center (Circle B). The hours will be 1-3PM and the educational theme is birds. Come out and see us!