End of 2015 Update

Woodland Wonders Update for End of 2015
Wow, where did the time go?! Seems as if just yesterday it was beginning 2015 and now we are halfway into January 2016.

Thank you readers for all of your support of Woodland Wonders— some of you find injured and orphaned wildlife and bring into the the center— others donate time for rescue and cleaning, others donate supplies and others donate $$. ALL IS APPRECIATED! Without your support, Woodland Wonders could not care for the wildlife.

November –March is bird of prey season- this is when Northern birds are flying, fighting local birds for nests,etc.etc. In December Woodland Wonders was especially busy and admitted quite a few bird of prey- species included great horned owls, barred owls, Cooper hawk, vultures, red shouldered hawks and EAGLES. I was called to the scene of fighting eagles- usually when approached, the birds untalon themselves and fly off- well these birds did not and I had to manually free the talons from the chests of each bird. One bird flew off and the other is in rehab for a wound on the chest and inner thigh. Another eagle was admitted with a wing fracture and had been witnessed fighting in the air before landing.

Woodland Wonders also admitted several very young squirrels in December and that is unusual. Several baby bunnies have been admitted also. We of course admitted as usual injured songbirds, sandhills,etc. in November and December. One sandhill we spent quite a few hours hours trying to catch as she has a dart in the neck. SeaWorld was called out also and they too were unsuccessful in catching this poor bird. As of this writing, she is still OK and with her mate. It is just really sad to see a bird with a dart hanging from the neck.

With the beginning of a new year, Woodland Wonders is always looking for volunteers and will train as needed. In addition, $$ are always welcome for operational needs. Mailing address is Joan Waters, 2110 Betty Ann Drive, Auburndale ,Fl. 33823-contact phone is 863-967-3298
All and any support is welcome, needed and appreciated!! Hope to hear from you readers and thank you for helping Woodland Wonders care for precious wildlife that is injured and or orphaned.
Thank you