Home for the Holidays

Sunday November 20 2016 an American Bald Eagle was released back to the skies. The eagle was one of FOUR eagles that were admitted to Woodland Wonders in a time span of 8 days in late October. Two were sickened with an unknown cause and one expired from it.(the other being the released one!) Two were admitted with trauma injuries with one expiring and one becoming an educational bird .

The months of Oct-March are bird of prey months and we ask you readers to be on the outlook for any injured or orphaned (later in the Spring) birds of prey. Northern birds migrate South and fights begin to happen. You may have read the news article of the 2 eagles fighting in Orlando with one flying off once separated and the other fell in a storm drain and later died.

Should you the reader spot any birds of prey needing assistance. please call Woodland Wonders NIGHT Or DAY 863-967-3298, leave message if necessary and we will rescue the bird! Woodland Wonders has been rehabbing birds of prey for over 25 years and use a vet that has over 25 years of experience also. In addition, we have the flight cage which is 100x20x16 and you can view this by scrolling down further the website.

Woodland Wonders of course admits and rehabs any other bird in need and mammals. Thank you readers for looking out for wildlife needing assistance and calling us. Should you wish to donate, please call us for the address.

May all of your readers have wonderful holidays.