Woodland Wonders Update Jan-April 2017

The season started early as by mid January we were receiving baby squirrels and some baby birds! There was an increase in adult bird of prey admissions also as November-March is bird of prey season and the northern ones migrate down and north and south begin fighting!

February brought in more baby birds! Doves were the high cenus then. Towards the end of February and early March the mockingbirds and the bluejays were coming in. Woodland Wonders’ goal is to keep the baby bird with the mother— however, often it is stated by the caller that the mother bird was killed, etc. There have been a lot of window casualties reported this Spring with songbirds out there in the public. Hence, babies are left without a parent and we become mommy bird!! A litter of fox babies were admitted because the mother had been killed and we have been busy with feedings.!

March brought in baby opposums and more baby songbirds and some baby bird of prey. The baby birds of prey were as result of fallen trees with the limb and the nest destroyed, one nest just fell apart and babies fell to the ground on a sidewalk, one in a school playground and
one in a mall parking lot with no mother in sight. We are receiving other baby bird of prey also, the above is just a sampling of some of the reasons.

Woodland Wonders rescued two EAGLES in March- both were motor vehicle accidents. One has already been released and the other has a wing FX and still has a wing wrap. After the wrap is removed, then he/she will be placed in a 50 flight cage, conditioned and then placed in the large flight cage 100x20x16 and then release!! Hats off to Dr. Tom Schotman for all of his time, medical care and expertise with these eagles. If you are in his office, (Lake Wales Vet) be sure and thank him!! ***** Remember if you see any bird of prey, including Eagles, in distress please call Woodland Wonders at 967-3298, (leave message, recorder when away is checked every 30 minutes or so) 640-7484 or the vet during vet hours at 676-1451.*** For all other wildlife, please call Woodland Wonders at 967-3298 for assistance.

April is bringing more songbirds, very cute baby opossums and rabbits. April has also brought drought and fire conditions. Wildlife may show up in your yard when never before because they are trying to find water or fleeing a fire. You can help by placing a large pan of water in your yard and be on the look out for distressed wildlife and calling Woodland Wonders for assistance.

Woodland Wonders has participated in 4 community programs since end of January and have 3 more scheduled for May and then already being booked for summer!

A big THANK YOU to you readers of this website and for your support. A big THANK YOU to our volunteers and the hours they give Woodland Wonders. We could not do it without you!!