Blinking Owl

The mission of Woodland Wonders is to provide care and treatment for injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife. The focus is on the rehabilitation of wild animals for the successful release to their natural habitat and education that will promote and enhance peaceful coexistence, respect, and preservation. Woodland Wonders' rehabilitators hold state and federal permits and endorse the professional standards of the Florida Rehabilitators Association, National Wildlife Rehabilitators Associations, and the International Wildlife Council.

What's New

Memorable Rescues

One osprey rescue was nothing short of a miracle!- the adult bird was dangling from the nest with some type of synthetic “twine” caught in the talon- it was similar to monofilament but not monofilament line. The nest was too high for Woodland Wonders to reach and then the miracle workers arrived- the Fire Dept!!! After instruction on Read More

His Legacy Lives On

Woodland Wonders was saddened to hear of the death of Ken Morrison, age 92 on March 4th. He was as  one  article in the Lakeland Ledger described him,”the giant of Audubon”—For 25 years, he was director of the Bok Tower(2nd director there)— he was also ,President Emeritus of the Audubon Society, and served on the Read More © 2018 | Archives