May –August Update:

Rain, rain go away, so wildlife has a dry place to stay.

May and early June were busy with the usual baby songbirds, young birds of prey in problems and baby rabbits-

July brought all of the torrential downpours and Woodland Wonders became very busy! After each bad storm, many birds of prey were found unable to fly, “battered” appearing and weak. In one evening after a storm, we received seven birds of prey in distress—-Doves have been coming in after each storm, a few songbirds and quite a few squirrels. Luckily, all are recovering well and we expect releases—

We have also seen an increase in turtles that have seemed to be displaced with the flooded yards —- young fawns have also had problems with flooded yards — newborn ones have come with respiratory distress and unfortunately passed- older ones are rehabbing well and we expect successful releases.

In other news, the past 3 months have been busy with educational programs- Woodland Wonders participated in summer critter and nature camp programs. We are already booked for community programs in Oct. and school programs in Nov.

We can always use more volunteers for wheels for rescue and transport to the vet for care— we would train and also help with gas costs. Please call us at 863-967-3298 and leave a message if you get the recorder. This is also the number to call for injured and orphaned wildlife—