Hurricane Irma Update

We were blessed and had no home or cage damage – a lot of limbs down, etc. and have been fortunate to have wonderful volunteers and work groups to help with the clean-up.  All of the educational and rehabbing animals were brought into our home and did just fine and are now back into their outdoor cages! We admitted 52 ( and counting) squirrels, 4 owls, 2 hawks, 7 songbirds, 4 opossums and 1 fawn after the storm. Happily, most will be released after periods of rehab.

It is now time to focus on Fall and move forward!! Woodland Wonders will be participating in Polk State ( Winter Haven campus) Fall Fest October 21st. We will also have a table at Corn Fusion Maze in Lakeland on Oct 21st  and the contact number is 559-9952 for that event. Then on October 28th Woodland Wonders will be in Lakeland Munn Park for a flower fest. Come out and have some fun!!

Fall is also the months that birds of prey begin to come down to Florida — the Northern ones and the Southern ones often get into fights, etc. so keep a close eye out for any injured bird of prey you might see. Please contact Woodland Wonders day or night at 863-967-3298 – leave message if necessary as the recorder is checked very frequently when we step out for an errand! Woodland Wonders has been caring for Eagles, and other bird of prey for over 28 years! so we are prepared to help you with a bird of prey in need! We of course also rehab all other birds and all mammals except raccoons. Often times in Fall, people get busy and have no time for an exotic pet such as a prairie dog, ferret, cockatiel, etc. and then just put the animal outside. Exotic pets can not thrive well outside and Woodland Wonders will accept and find homes for them.

Just call us for any wildlife/ exotic animal need!